Yes, life is meant for greatness. Yet how long, and for what, have I been waiting?

How long, has time been drifting through and by, with its silent weight, pressing?

Perhaps, we are shadows of clouds, cast over the pasture, transient and elusive.

Perhaps, we prosper like wild flowers, then vanish, traceless, with a gust of wind.

Yet, if only I find certitude in my heart, let it be filled with great passion and zeal.

The waiting is done. The time has come. The moment is right. Make life worthwhile.

There is something more to this life. A flash of glory, a glimpse of the promised land.

Every blissful glimpse is a testament, a lightning, a heartbeat, a true and vivid pulse.

It captures the mind, like embers of light, to flare, and prevail, in the darkest of nights.

Beyond the fine line of madness, is ingenuity. A dream so bright, must come to life.